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Community Household Devices in India and Africa under Gold Standard

We design and develop community and household device projects, with technologies such as improved cookstoves, LEDs and purifying water filters


Our team has years of experience implementing household technology projects, making Energy Changes one of the most longstanding firms with experience in this project type in Africa and India.

We develop projects from idea, to implementation and issuance, designing stakeholder consultation plans ensuring that our projects provide positive co-benefits to local communities.

Project Summary

In India, together with our partner AGS Carbon Advisory, we have developed the first VPA within a larger Program of Activities (PoA) for the implementation of Water Purifiers for Clean Water


The project distributes water purifiers in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra and help bring access to safe water in remote rural areas, while reducing the amount of fuel required to boil water for drinking in a region that typically relies upon non-renewable wood fuel sources. To local communities, this makes a huge difference in their day to day lives, reducing indoor air pollution and reducing fuel wood collection time. The project is registered under Gold Standard.