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About Us

We develop projects that drive climate action

Our Mission

We want to drive sustainable change where it matters most, ensuring fairness, transparency, and positive change

Since 2006, our team of carbon market professionals has successfully been identifying, designing, and developing projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions and deliver positive sustainable development benefits to local communities.

Why Us?

We guide our projects through the entire development process, from origination and design to implementation and support in the commercialization


We provide advisory services across a wide range of climate and sustainability topics to help our clients reach their sustainability targets. From small private enterprises to large corporations, and banks to multilateral organizations, our international customers cover the entire spectrum of public, private, and development entities.

Our Sectors

Our focus is on technology-based interventions and includes sectors such as:

Renewable energy (wind, PV, biomass, biogas)
Household energy efficiency (cookstoves, water filters, LEDs)
Industrial energy
ODS/HFC mitigation
Waste management