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Unlocking carbon finance to accelerate climate action at scale

years of experience

Our Story

Energy Changes is a climate and sustainability advisory and project developer based in Vienna, Austria

Passionate about accelerating climate action, for almost 20 years we have developed projects across the globe which reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions, allowing businesses to achieve their climate targets. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team of senior engineers, environmentalists, economists, and scientists work closely with the private and public sectors to drive sustainable change where it matters most, ensuring fairness, transparency, and positive change.

About Us

Our Carbon Footprint

At Energy Changes we aim to reduce our own emissions wherever possible and compensate the last-mile residual emissions that we are unable to avoid

We calculate our corporate carbon footprint and purchase high-integrity credits verified by independent third-party certifiers because we strongly believe that carbon markets are a critical tool in the transition to a low carbon economy. High integrity carbon credits help leverage urgently needed climate finance towards projects that reduce, avoid, or remove GHG emissions as well as deliver positive sustainable development benefits to local communities.

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